Living the good life

Day 169 Project 365

I never intended to miss a single day this year blogging but WOW what a few days this has been.

Day 167 was Friday, June 15, 2012 and my amazing son Kristopher graduated from highschool.  The morning started with last-minute hustle and bustle to get cap and gown ready and make sure that the cake, ice and finishing details were here for the party to follow the ceremony.  My AMAZING friend Holly came mid morning and stayed all through the ceremony to get the decorations and last-minute food prep done as well as allow for the band to come early to set up and sound check before we arrived home.  Kris had to be to school by 11:45 for graduation as they brought all students to the ceremony by bus.  We scurried around the house to press clothes and grab a snack before heading out.  From the moment I picked up the cake and started crying and was hugged by the baker who assured me it would all be okay to the every stop light burst into tears car ride I realized that life was moving way to fast.  I wanted to slow down time and go back.  We arrived at the center and found some pretty good seats.  We were able to see Kris and he could see us and that was awesome.  I watched as the little boy I had dropped off hours earlier looked like a man sitting in a sea of blue!  Even as I type this days later my eyes are filled with tears.  I am so proud of Kris and all that he has accomplished.  He is amazing and he is my heart!

After the ceremony we came home to a fun-filled night of great food, amazing family and friends and a wonderful band that rocked the house.  (Well, the yard really because my windows would have been blown out!)  They were amazing.  Perfect weather with not a cloud in site!  We had a wonderful night celebrating and honoring my son.  Throughout the evening different people would come up and tell me what great kids that I have and encourage me as to what a great job I have done.  It means so much.  Thank you!  Thank you to those of you that shared with me and encouraged me.  My children are my world. I might not have material things to offer but I do pray they know and sense that in all I do it is completely for them.  I want to be sure that they know and everyone around them knows what they are worth and how much they are loved.

My parents and sister Brooke were unable to attend graduation.  My grandfather was doing very poorly and it could have been his last few hours, days.  It was very important for my father to be there and Kris and I both understood, though we missed then terribly.  I looked down at my son and saw the tender heart of my father as he smiled up at me.

Day 168 was Saturday, June 16th.  I survived graduating my 3rd child!  We had worked late into the night to clean up and my son Kody was amazing as always seeing to details here and there.  Needless to say I tiptoed around Saturday morning to allow them to sleep and recover from the fun night before.  Brett had a flood of baseball games so it was mid morning and we were off to the fields.  A great day of baseball ended with the Greenbrier Allstar team taking second and coming home each with a nice wall plaque for their week of hard work.  Brett hasn’t been feeling well all week and even though he was not himself yesterday he still played a good set of games. He sure does love him some baseball.  Kris went to friends graduation party and Kody and my nephew finished distributing back tables and chairs to the various neighbors who lent a hand with seating for over 50 people.  About 8 p.m. we were able to shower and relax.

So here I am Sunday morning.  The house is quiet and I couldn’t sleep.  My parents will be heading back from South Carolina today were my grandfather is actually doing better.  My boys and nephews are asleep.  The coffee pot is doing its job and I am resting.  Resting in the fact that we have reached another set of milestones.  We have reached new goals and push on ahead.  In a few weeks we will celebrate Brett’s 12th birthday followed by Kris turning 18 and a sweet 16 for Kody.  The summer has begun and my life and my heart are full.  I have a wonderful family and amazing friends.  I am surrounded by people who fully see the value in my kids and encourage and support and guide them right along with me.  I have a GOD that has brought me safe thus far and promises that with a tiny seed of faith GREAT things will happen and even GREATER things are yet to come.

Pressing on for what lays ahead………………..



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    “Do not conform yourselves to the standards of this world, but let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind.” (Romans 12:2a

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