When life hands me lemons

Day 170 Project 365

“When lives gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

It is all about finding the extraordinary in the most unlikely places.  The times when things are going from bad to worse faster than you can blink.

This man came in to the store with the most amazing attitude.  He said no matter how bad it gets it is all about perspective.  If you look at the forest as a whole you miss the trees.  If you miss the trees you miss the fruit and the flowers and the butterflies.

Point- Look past the problem to a more positive, extraordinary possibility.

At my sons graduation the principal asked certain students to stand.  Ones that had overcome great obstacles to just get to walk the aisle and receive their diploma.  The first two names were kids whose parents had passed away in the last few months of school.  One student had been homeless throughout the school year off and on yet stood to get his diploma.  Some had health issues and shouldn’t even be here today.

I am so guilty of getting sidetracked by things, big or small. I find myself getting on a role of complaining or being frustrated and wow, I must be a ton of fun to be around.

No matter what I am facing I was reminded on more than on occasion this past few days to change my perspective.

When life hands me lemons, SMILE and make lemonade.


“And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect, so that you may be complete, lacking in nothing.” -James 1:3


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