Day 221 Project 365

There is that moment when you are just waking up when your mind is clear.  It is in that moment I wish I could stay.  Clear and not a thought in the world.

Time will pass and then something clicks and like a flood everything that is happening in every possible area comes rushing in like flood waters.

I watched as our street started to flood.  The rain was coming down so hard and the storm drains didn’t stand a chance.  They never have as long as we have been in this house.  So the water started to rise and I watched as it close to seeping into the cars parked along the street.  I moved what I could into the yard but some cars I had no keys for.  So I watched as the lightening flashed and the house shook from the thunder.  I could see the water squeezing out every inch of pavement and swirling, trying to make its way into the drains.  No use.  They were no match for the down pour.  I watched as the water crept into the neighbors yards and made its way up driveways.  No use were the gutters.  Sheets of rain poured off every house I can see from my picture window.

My life feels like that storm right now.  It feels like every area is drenched in intense rain, crazy lightening and crashing thunder.  It feels like I can’t keep up.  Like the drains are trying so hard to filter out the storm but as fast it they try the storm rages even faster.

Then I realize as I am watching the storm that my house is the highest house in the neighborhood.  Water has never flooded my yard as it has the neighbors around me.  We can park our cars in the drive or yard and not have water damage the next day.  The water can flood the street but never wash away my flowers or flood my home.

That is the truth I have to hold onto.  The waters can rage and threaten everything it touches.  The storms can come, and believe me they are, and I can find peace in knowing He has brought me this far.

It isn’t just one thing, one prayer request, one problem.  It is more like a dozen.  No, seriously.  Individually, most would be overwhelming.  Collectively it is agony.  An agony that wrecks my heart and my mind and takes every moment of every day to stand up against.

I am standing.

One moment at a time, literally.

It isn’t about one day or even one hour.

It is about taking back this second and the next and the next, and believing that the battle belongs to the Lord.



2 thoughts on “Standing

  1. Stay strong girlfriend. Don’t allow the storms to overtake you. You are a strong woman and the storm will not prevail, but only for a season. When you finally make it through there is a beautiful rainbow on the other side. Praying for you. Love you Leslie!

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