I give

Day 222 Project 365

I don’t even want to talk.  I don’t want to hear or think.  I don’t want to answer the phone or the door. I do not want one more thing to happen.

I just want peace.  In my mind and heart and spirit.  Physically, emotionally, mentally.

Just stop. Enough. It ISNT one thing. It is too many things.

So though I started my day standing I found myself laying on a hard cold floor weeping, wailing, begging and spent and understanding what it feels like to be completely overcome.

This is what complete surrender feels like.

I give.

Please Lord. I am so tired.



3 thoughts on “I give

  1. Oh, dear Leslie,
    You are so right, this is what total surrender to God feels like. I know, because I have been to that very place and it is not a comfortable place to be. Sometimes life can leave us reeling and when it does God stands ready to protect us. When we are troubled we must call upon Him, and in his own time, and according to His own plan, He will heal us. Take your troubles and your anxieties to Him. While your world is crumbling aroung you, seek protection from the one who cannot be moved. Sometimes, in the midst of great turmoil, we stop short of the great blessing that God has for us, which is a fresh vision of who H is. I will continue to lift you up in prayer sweet girl. Help is on the way! I have heard your prayer, I have seen your tears, surely I will heal you. ~II Kings 20:5~

    Love you!

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