Catching my breath

Day 223 Project 365

Before my feet even hit the floor this morning I was already in panic mode.  I had made the mistake of thinking when I first opened my eyes.  I started to cry and my phone beeped and in my message was this

If you could see yourself through your heavenly father’s eyes… your perspective on beauty would be forever changed, I believe if He wrote you a love letter today it may read like this.,. My beautiful daughter, I know you don’t see yourself the way I do because you compare yourself to beauty idols that will soon be forgotten. If you could see how beautiful you are in my eyes, then you would see…

that your eternal beauty is a breathe of heaven!When I look at you, I see a treasure ready to be discovered, a princess ready to shine. I have given you the kind of beauty that is everlasting. I lined your lips to speak words of life; I have given you beautiful hands to reach out to your hurting friends. The beauty I created you to be is a reflection of me. The beauty you possess will leave eternal beauty marks on the hearts of all who were loved by you.
Love Your Father The Beauty maker Your radiant King
Our daughters will be like pillarsCarved to adorn a palace. PSALM 144:12, NIV
So many things overwhelming me and the attack on my mind from the enemy is insane.  I am trying so hard to find my way and every time I wake up or the phone rings or …..always seems to be something else.   I just need a chance to catch my breath.  Though my struggles right now are not about outward self image, the enemy is working overtime to destroy me in my mind for things I can not change.



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