Day 225 Project 365

Okay so bear with me, this blog might be lengthy but I promise if you read to the end you will not be sorry.  It shows that no matter where I am at, where we are at, GOD knows exactly what we have need of. It talks about nothing being to hard for GOD. That when we take the limits off GOD bold things happen.

SO last night I got a text from my mom and dad.  Every year this time they take a motorcycle trip for a week to celebrate their anniversary.  They had just left yesterday morning and were traveling through the mountains on my dads motorcycle when:

 The shift linkage broke on a twisty up hill road. It was stuck in 4th gear so I couldn’t shift.  I had to slip the clutch just to keep the bike moving.  Once I got over the hill and part way down the other side, I found a gravel driveway to pull over in.  I was able to jerry rig the linkage with twist ties and  electrical tape and hold it together so we could get to Abingdon where we are staying.  A Baptist minister stopped to see if we needed help plus there was a bike shop two miles down the road and they were Christians too.  God is good.  There is a Harley Davidson dealer just up the road so I will go in the morning and hopefully they will have the part.  God took care of us and protected us.  Not only that , but here we were in the mountains, on a twisty road with a broken bike, and the first driveway we saw was an old gravelled driveway.  After we had pulled over and got off the bike, I was looking down to see what was wrong, and Mom was very upset to say the least, I looked up and on a tree beside the drive way was a sign: JOHN 3:26 I said Nancy look at the sign.  UN-believeable!”

My mom called me shortly after as I sat sobbing thanking GOD for His protection and my mom and dad shared with me that while they were riding and praying for me a song had come on the radio and it talked about GOD moving the mountain one stone at a time.  That there are many ways to move a mountain.  Sometimes a blast takes it out, or we bulldozed through or sometimes it is one shovel of dirt at a time.

Fast forward to this morning.   I NEVER watch tv but for some reason when I sat down on the couch I sat on the remote and clicked on the TV,literally!  Joel Olsteen was on TV and I was catching the tail end of his message.  It was on BOLD prayers.  I was moved to tears and sad I only got to hear part.  I googled it and as I did I decided to see if the news was coming on another channel.  Two clicks in and the same message was just starting from the beginning!

Here is the description of the message- keep reading!

#527 – Praying Bold Prayers (Joel Osteen)1/29/2012 12:00:00 AM-

We can’t reach our highest potential in our own ability; we need God’s help.  Part of releasing His help is through praying bold prayers.  God is moved by our faith. If you ask small, little prayers, you’ll get little results. But if you pray big prayers, you’re going to get big results.  Matthew 9:29 says, “According to your faith it will be done to you.” (NIV).  If you’re going to see God’s surpassing greatness , go beyond praying little prayers and ask God to do something big in your life. God is longing to amaze you with His goodness. Dare to stretch your faith. God wants to give you the secret petitions of your heart.

I had a GOD moment sitting on this couch this morning that actually started yesterday when a woman I have known and loved for years shared with me her testimony.  God had laid her on my heart when my life started to feel like it was unraveling a few weeks ago but I didn’t obey and reach out.  SO the Lord prompted her to share and she did.  Then, He protected and ministered to my parents to remind me that He moves mountains.  Then this morning, He asks me- What is it you ask of me my daughter.  Keep reading…..

There should be something I am believing for, praying about that goes beyond what I can do on ym own.  It is going to take the most high GOD to get done what is needing to be done in mine and my families life!

We get conditioned in our mind that this is how it is always going to be.  HOWEVER, we serve a supernatural GOD! I think I forgot that and became  so overwhelmed that I was giving up.

A normal prayer is Lord keep my children out of trouble.  A BOLD prayer is Lord help my children to achieve the greatness you designed for them! God use my children in a mighty way.  Help them to become leaders to serve and change the world for you.  Help them reach their full potential.

In the Bible Jesus would ask, what do you want me to do for you.  He already knew but he wanted to know what was on their mind, where their level of faith was at.  Like the blind men.  He knew they were blind.  He didn’t need to ask to heal them but he asked.

“When Jesus saw their faith He touched their eyes and for the first time they were able to see”.

When HE asks me what I need from Him I need to believe and ask BOLDLY!  Mountain moving, life changing prayers.  The kind that call-fire from heaven.

GOD I want to see my whole family serving you.  GOD I want to be the woman you designed me to be.  GOD I want to boldly touch lives for you.  GOD I want a marriage that honors you with a partner that serves you and honors you and leads boldly.  GOD I want to be prosperous so that I can help others that are where I have been. GOD today I want a car that runs so I can be about the things that bring honor to you and help my family and others.  GOD today I want a fire to be breathed in me that moves mountains!

In the natural Lord all the odds seem against me.

GOD I believe you are the all-powerful creator of the universe. I need you to do something big, something I can not accomplish on my own.  I need you to move a mountain even if it is one stone at a time.

When you ask BIG, GOD will open up supernatural doors.  HE will go before you and make crooked paths straight.  He is not limited by your back ground, by your education or where you come from.  There is NO limit to what GOD can and will do.

I am not supposed to live and die and never leave my mark.  Great things I was created to do.  There is something greater but I lost sight of that.  I almost allowed the enemy to lie to me and convince me that this, this pain and despair was my destiny, my mistakes were my future and my legacy.  NOT TRUE!

GOD doesn’t want this generation to be limited by the last.  He doesn’t want the sons and daughters to repeat the sins of the parents.  He wants us to increase, and our children to increase even greater than us!  BOLDLY believing that the things we have been created to do we will do.

Believe!  Stay in FAITH!  That allows GOD to do supernatural things.  I almost forgot.  I started to allow the enemy to creep into my thoughts and destroy my heart.

BOLD PRAYERS have begun.

When you and I pray we move the hands that move the world!  I am going to see GOD show up now in ways that I never thought possible.  2012 is going to be an amazing year- faith, favor, victory!



8 thoughts on “BOLD PRAYERS

  1. Thank you so much for this word. I am a veteran who just got out of the Navy. I have fallen on hard times and it seems like my children and I are being attacked. I was searching online for bold prayers I could pray for my children and I’ve been truly blessed to stumble upon this message. Glory be to God.

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