I know the one

Day 229 Project 365

I saw my sweet friend sitting on the tailgate of her husbands truck today.  Swinging her feet, eyes closed, face to the sun.  I couldn’t tell if it was sweat or tears streaming down her face on this hot day. I placed my arm around her shoulders and told her I loved her.  She echoed the words that have rang in my own mind for a long time, “when is it going to stop?”  I don’t have the answers.  Each day it seems like a thousand different things. One thing I have found great comfort in this week is knowing that God is answering my bold prayers.  It hasn’t been in huge ways, although a free queen size bed yesterday for my son was pretty amazing.  There have been lots of little things mixed into the ordinary and the frustrating parts of my day.  I find so much hope in these small things.  I find some much clarity of mind in my moments with the Lord where I am pouring out my heart and all that is bottled up in me.  I am finding too a peace that passes all understanding even when the dryer breaks, the dog throws up, the toilet shatters ( yes, shatters) and water is all over the floor, ALL in a 20 minutes window of time.

I don’t know what more I can take, honestly.  I don’t know what more will touch my life, my family.  I don’t know what tomorrow will hold or even if I can make it that far.

I know the one that knows everything.  I know the one that allowed Job to lose EVERYTHING but his life.  I know the one that spoke light into dark, life in to a pile of dirt.

That for today is all I need to know.

I want to share with you my friend post from Tuesday-

Don’t miss out on the joy of celebrating Gods Goodness… How quickly we can forget the good things God has done for us personally and the promises he has delivered. Think about a time that you have cried out to God and He answered, think about a blessing that are in your life right now that you may be taking for granted. Today make a list of what is worthy of praise  and prayers answered by your …

faithful heavenly father. Place that list somewhere where you can see it everyday and chose to celebrate all that God has done in your past and all that he will do in your future.   Your faith will increase greatly if you will let go and celebrate the good things he has done in your past! Today is the day that He has made for you now look up towards heaven and find one thing you can celebrate, if you can’t find something tangible today than praise him for his great love for you and ask Him to remind you of his faithfulness. Let’s pray Dear God forgive me for taking goodness for granted, many times I am so consumed thinking about my problems that I forget your power and presence and greater purpose is always with me. Today I choose to celebrate all you have done in my life and trust there is much more to come because I am yours! Amen

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