Mommy love

Day 230 Project 365

I have been up all night for several nights as I am trying to wean my chihuahua puppies away from their mom.  They seem to be doing great since I have moved them out of our room and away from her.  She on the other hand whines all night long, this high pitch never-ending, drive me nuts, whine.  She paces the floor and doesn’t sleep.  She moves at every noise and whines even louder.   I was getting so mad at her last night I threatened to stick her in the laundry room.

Then it kind of dawned on me.  I am just like Trixie.

My babies are growing up, needing some space and even some “tough love” and I have to let them go but man am I whiney and do I hate it.  Even though they still need me they were not designed to stay in my “nest” all their lives.  They have to grow and learn and live a life, a full life, in their own homes. They have to find their own way. I have my part to do then I have to set them free to live, learn, love.

So as I lay wide awake for the 4th night this week, I prayed for Trixie as she separates from her babies and stops nursing them and being all they need.  I prayed for the babies to grow healthy and find wonderful homes.  I prayed for my wonderful babies, my Nik, my Karissa, my Kristopher, my Kody, my Brett, to grow and learn and thrive.  To be all that GOD intended them to be.  To mature and find their own way.  To never forget who they are.  To remember their whiney mom will always be here for them and to cut her some slack when she calls too much, cries too often and hugs them extra long when they come to visit.


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