Wedding day is upon us

Day 232 Project 365

WOW.  I am just getting home from wedding rehearsal.  Okay, so as we are driving down the road to the venue I see the pastor and his wife walking into the building and I start crying.  I am starting to think I should have splurged for some waterproof makeup.

I sat looking around the room while we were walking through the ceremony.  I looked at my handsome sons so tall, so grown.  My Nikolas saw my tears welling up and his soft smile and sweet wink let me know it was okay.  Kris standing strong beside his brother and my sweet Kody and Brett.  My beautiful Karissa, so radiant and so stunning standing beside our Amanda, my sons bride.  It is hard to believe I am at the day that my son will start his own family.

I am so proud.  So honored.  So full of love and such peace.  There was never a time I wanted to be anything more than I wanted to be a mom.  I can not imagine my life without my children.  I cannot imagine what a day would be like without knowing their love.  I have so many wonderful memories and I am so thankful for the many that are left to be made.

So tomorrow is going to be an amazing day.  Tomorrow I grow my children by one.  Tomorrow I take on a new daughter and her amazing family.  Tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day.


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