Day 251 Project 365

Here I sat for hours last night.  Perfectly still. Trying with everything in me to hold my cell phone and the charger cord just right so my phone would get some connection and charge.  It is so broke, I know this, but surely if I just sit very still it will work.  I even prayed for my stupid phone.  I laid in bed with a master plan to be at the sprint store the moment they opened, have them charge my battery and then go back before they close to charge me up again.  I would do that today and tomorrow and once more Monday morning and then survive until the new phone arrives Monday afternoon.

I thought that was quite normal until I watched all the people around me in the store clinging to their phone.  One lady even crying that her life was in that phone.  Literally- she was crying.  I walk outside and see a mom and her two kids all on their phones sitting around a table with their lunch not talking, texting.  I look in the parking lot and the three cars in front of the store all have people sitting in them, all on their phones.  Some talking, some with headphones, some texting or something.  None really connecting.

I think we are addicted to being connected without being connected.

I decided against the plan of having them charge it twice a day until the new phones arrive.  I have dropped off my battery and they are charging it but I will not go back before the new phone arrives Monday.

After all, I am not addicted to my phone, am I?


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