Stronger than ever

Day 288 Project 365

I am reminded this morning of where I was and hear me….

I will NOT go back!

I am FREE and I am alive.

Nothing- NOTHING!  Understand- NOTHING will keep me from a strong walk forward.


It is something that with ever sense in my being I know.  I love where I am right now inside of myself.
I have been away for a while now but I am back and stronger than ever.

This is so not about just one thing.  It is about a collection of moments, memories, experiences, people, places and things.  It is about truth and clarity.  It is about vision and purpose and it is about realizing that I know who I am, what I want and where I am going.  I know exactly the things I have been called and designed to do.  No more playing in the pointless.  It is a new day and I am very much aware of all that is around me.

Moving forward….stronger than ever.





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