Seeing clearly

Day 291 Project 365

There is this thing that happens.

When Kris was about 4 years old I started to notice that he was having trouble with his eyes.  His preschool teacher called me one day and said she was noticing it too.  After a doctor’s appointment I learned that he had a muscle disease in his eyes and needed glasses.  I will never forget the day we went and picked up his new glasses.  After we left the eye doctor I had made plans for a fun-filled afternoon to allow him to concentrate on all the things he loved and not his fear someone would laugh at him.  We pulled up in front of his favorite place to eat and he realized for the first time ever there was a face on the sign.  He pointed it out and I realized at that moment he had been missing out on seeing so many things.  They were there but a blur to him.  That day my son was able to see- really see – all that had been surrounding him all along.

My life is like that right now.  Something happened and something clicked.  It wasn’t just one thing but a bunch of things working together and in a moment everything became clear.  Might sound silly to some but for me, it has been life changing.  It is not something I can really put my finger on or even describe so you can have a clear picture.  It is something that has been happening in me.  I do recall the day, about 4 weeks ago when the blur started to lift and things became clear.  It was mid way through a conversation and all of  sudden it was has if the fog lifted and even though I knew the place in which I was standing a sense of newness washed over me and it was as if I was being introduced to myself for the very first time.

For some that will make no sense and I wish there was a way for you to touch, taste, feel, understand but I am starting to think it is a deeply personal experience that is serving to change forever the direction of my course.


One thought on “Seeing clearly

  1. YES! HALLELUJAH! I can totally understand and relate Leslie. God has been revealing things to me as well, opening my eyes and bringing so much peace. I am truly happy for you my sweet friend ❤

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