I wanna break up!

Day 306 Project 365

Flashing blue lighted moral compass please remove they self from the side of the interstate.  Yes you! Yes, you look handsome sitting in your state trooper car with your uniform on and your blue lights flashing.  Everyone sees you and yes I see you looking in your side mirror watching us all pass you by.  Morning after morning you sit as a moral compass for everyone to slow down, not cut in too late and whatever else it is that your mere presence promotes.  HOWEVER, on behalf  of those of us with road rage issues and a 5 speed- you are seriously driving me nuts.  Do you realize that you cause everyone to slow down for no good reason on a road that already is jacked with traffic just because?  I mean really, what are you hoping to accomplish?  This morning I was half tempted to bring you some coffee and a doughnut and introduce myself since you have become such a huge part of my mornings!  I played the tape forward and reminded myself that even though you smugly smile into your mirror the traffic nightmare that you cause doesn’t foster me wanting to do nice things for you.  So dear state trooper sitting so randomly along I-64 causing hell to happen every morning, you are adding about 20 minutes to my commute and causing me to need a 12 step recovery for road rage, again.  Please, find someone else that enjoys looking at you and move on.  I wanna break up!


One thought on “I wanna break up!

  1. Leslie, that was funny. I wonder if there is anyone else in this world has thought the same about the police sitting there every morning? I think not! You are a true writer, normal folks don’t thin . k about writing a blog about the daily copper that is posted by the road side on I-64. I clearl can se the entir the entire drive that that you take every morning I truly enjoy your writing . I can’t wait for the first book signing. I love you.

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