Living Real!

Day 319 Project 365

Taken in by a simple comment- Live Real!

I have been spinning it around in my brain for days.

Live Real!

I thought I was.  I mean, dishes, laundry, bills, work, cleaning, relationships….it is perpetual….rinse repeat cycle.

Yet that simple comment has caused me much consideration.

So I read back over the year in review.  My life (well most of it) in print.  Some where along the way I missed some steps.  I started mixing back in some of the old bricks I tore down.  Why?  I guess comfort, fear, failure, routine, habit, addiction, did I say fear. Don’t get me wrong, I have grown so much over this past year.  I have made so many steps in good and right directions.  There are still things to work on but, no one is perfect, we are all a work in progress.  There may be places I “fell off the wagon” but at least this time I kept the wagon instead of throwing it away!

Penned on these pages has been the story of me.  There are still places I “code”.  There are still things I don’t discuss.  There are still things that need to be taken off the shelves of my heart and tended too.  There are still things on my list that will never get accomplished before 2013!  I still do too much going through the motions and not enough living real.

So before this year even ends I find myself spinning the idea of living real over and over in my mind.  Digesting what it means to really live real. So being the good list maker that I am I made some lists and yes, I burned a few of them.  After all there are things that are strictly between me and my creator and speaking them out and letting them go has been part of my healing.  I have some new goals.  Some I started throughout this year that need some fine tuning, some that are moving along and some that need a shaking up.  Some haven’t even been touched.  I didn’t pick all easy things to work on this year but, in the ones that I left untouched I find there is where I would be really living real!

I had to laugh this morning as I drove down the interstate and saw my state trooper “boyfriend” I tried to break up with weeks ago, some things are not going to just go away. I have some work left to do……………


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