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Here I am again

Day 31 Project 365

Here I am again but still just a note! Feeling blah and overly stressed out! For tonight…. That’s all!



Day 30 Project 365

So I am sick! Tissue, cough drop, achy, fever, cold and can’t get warm, please don’t touch me, I wanna die sick! Did I mention I am sick?


Day 29 Project 365

I think I am in need of a change! Where and when and how I am still trying to figure out but, one thing in the quietness of the past few weeks I have learned is I need to continue forward. With that said I am off to a hot shower and a cup of tea and some quiet time.


Day 28 Project 365

I know I said I had a real journal entry for you but dear diary forgive me! I have had little to no sleep since I woke up last Wednesday. I am fighting a cold and today was a Monday! Leftovers for dinner and pj’s by 6! I am ready for a hot cup of tea and a warm bed! My thoughts are jumbled with a mix of fog and its fatigue. For tonight dear diary I need sleep!

Quick post

Day 27 Project 365

Quick post tonight! Very exhausting few days! Just can’t seem to get rested and fighting off getting sick! Off to try to sleep!


Day 26 Project 365

Finally able to sit down today! Taking care of hubby getting a little easier. He is doing his exercises and taking less pain meds, for today! Last night I got some decent sleep so when I woke this morning I was able to get all the dogs bathed and new bedding! I love the puppies! They are so sweet I can’t stop kissing them. After cleaning the pups I vaccumed everything under the roof, swept and mopped, cleaned bathrooms, dusted, cleaned glass and put away dishes. I am just about finished with all the laundry and bedding! I through some chicken in the slow cooker and made buffalo chicken for wraps we had for dinner! Yummy and easy! Made some peanut butter bars and finally sitting down with my boys to watch a movie! I am ready for a hot bath full of bubbles, a cup of tea and a good book! Sleep can’t come fast enough!

Tomorrow I think I will blog some of what has been on my heart and crowding my mind these last few weeks!


Day 25 Project 365

Snow! We have snow! Doesn’t happen around here often but tonight we have snow!

A quiet day over all! Hubby had his first PT appointment, a trip to the store and a few necessary errands.

Another boring blog I know. Just seems all the words I want to say…. Processing is the best I can tell you!

So for tonight I have some tea and cuddle up with a blanket and be still a little longer.