imagesDay 8 Project 365

I watched this show on television about people who recycle everything. No matter what it is they recycle, reuse and re-purpose everything they touch. I was intrigued yet not quite motivated to attempt such an undertaking. Lazy or selfish I am not quite sure. What the show did do for me was remind me of gleaning!

I think that everything and everyone in my life has a purpose. Every thing and every one a “thread” woven into my story. Good! Bad! Indifferent! If it has touched my life it has a purpose. I think each and every moment makes up the “where we are” today’s. Not just for our own story but, a lot of what touches us isn’t even about us. People are in our lives and we are in theirs with a purpose. When I change my perspective and (as I am learning) my expectations I can start to see things in a different way. Things I thought surely would last forever fade away but that fading away is not without a purpose. People I thought would be in my life only linger as a memory yet not without purpose. It is about gleaning! Not as a hoarders, stock piling and being afraid to let things go. Not holding on to some wishful thinking or memory. Not taking the painful past and allowing it to be my identity because it is the only thing I know. Not suffocating relationships for fear of losing. If I glean with the thought that from every interaction, every moment, every memory there is something that will nourish and challenge and move me forward on my journey, well then I am gleaning as one that is gleaning to live. Taking what is needed in all its glory or pain and allowing it to be used, reused, purposed and re-purposed! If I change my thinking and start living a life to allow each contact, each moment, each person and each experience to impact me as it was intended I can let go and trust. I can learn that everything that has run through the Masters hands before it touches me. How exciting is it to think maybe that thing you spend 20 years living and living through wasn’t really about you after all? Maybe that job seemed pointless but it was stepping stone to something you can’t see. Maybe that love one that passed, maybe in their death someone else found new life. Maybe just maybe the past and the now impact way more than just my small circle.

Time for another cup of coffee and to venture on with this day! Few things are more amazing than the corner being peeled back a little more, the bigger picture being revealed a little more, your eyes being opened a little more, your heart being freed a little more.


3 thoughts on “Gleaning!

  1. I like this. People enter our lives for a reason, a season, or a lifetime, and it’s important to take from every situation what we can learn, as well as satisfaction, enjoyment, wonder etc…

    It says in the Bible that God can use every situation for the good of those who love him. It’s a similar thing you’re talking about here, gleaning something from every aspect and moment of life.

    Thanks for writing this, it fits with things I’ve been thinking lately about not taking what I have for granted.

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