imagesDay 11 Project 365

“Every goal that you will ever pursue will require a plan of action. Whether you are pursuing your life’s destiny or striving to obtain a particular goal, you must be able to see things as you desire them to be.” T.D. Jakes Ministries

Forward thinking! Beginning with the end in mind! Having a plan and seeing it through. Reading the directions AND looking at the box top!

Sometimes it is easy to buy into the get rich quick, lose weight in 3 days with no exercise eating whatever you want, win a million dollars in our sweepstakes and get famous wearing our shoes mentality. We know what we want and may even know how to get there but get persuaded into thinking there is some easy answer. The next new fade or invention promises instant results that require nothing of us. There is nothing to strive for. We get to have it our way in just a few easy steps, just pay extra shipping and handling.

If we aren’t sold on the magic pill, potion, tuck or notion we might actually have a plan to do some real work to reach our goals.

I know for me, there are goals I have set and re set and set again, and just a few more times. There have been goals I have worked so hard on for months just to stop looking forward. Something will happen, a conversation, a thought and the next thing I know I am side tracked, derailed and wondering what the heck just happened. Sometimes it is discouragement or fearing failure so I sabotage myself again. Sometimes it is a word in a conversation taken so far out of context I wind up way off in left field. Then there is the tendency to procrastinate on some things. As if ignoring them will make the go away or get done!

I think at times I forget to keep looking forward at the big picture, the new picture. Time to strive with a new vision. The cool part is this time when I experience a set back it isn’t a failure. It is a realization of the thing that has tripped me up before and a new perspective on how to keep it from happening again. I have never gotten lost driving and been able to cross my arms, wiggle my nose and be back on the right path in the exact spot where I made the original wrong turn. I have to go back to where I made the wrong turn. That is what has been happening over the last year. A chance to see things as they are with forward thinking. With a different goal in mind. Yes, I still find myself thinking about those “quick and easy” “just this one time” solutions that try to grab my attention but now I am quick to remember, they never worked before, why would now be any different.

Set the goal! Create the plan! Strive=work and that means I am in it to win it!

Thankful for the reminder and a fresh perspective.


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