Day 26 Project 365

Finally able to sit down today! Taking care of hubby getting a little easier. He is doing his exercises and taking less pain meds, for today! Last night I got some decent sleep so when I woke this morning I was able to get all the dogs bathed and new bedding! I love the puppies! They are so sweet I can’t stop kissing them. After cleaning the pups I vaccumed everything under the roof, swept and mopped, cleaned bathrooms, dusted, cleaned glass and put away dishes. I am just about finished with all the laundry and bedding! I through some chicken in the slow cooker and made buffalo chicken for wraps we had for dinner! Yummy and easy! Made some peanut butter bars and finally sitting down with my boys to watch a movie! I am ready for a hot bath full of bubbles, a cup of tea and a good book! Sleep can’t come fast enough!

Tomorrow I think I will blog some of what has been on my heart and crowding my mind these last few weeks!


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