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Nope…never mind….

Day 38 Project 365

I was going to blog tonight but I think it is safer for anyone that might read this if I decline to comment on the many very frustrating aspects of my day! I am going to bed now and after a much-needed nights sleep with no drama ( I pray) maybe tomorrow I can resume some part of my life.


Drive by

Day 33 Project 365

Just a quick “drive by”. Been struggling with headache and not feeling so great so heading off to bed. Praying I can get some rest and finally accomplish the things I set out to do today tomorrow!

Ready to get back to feeling like me. Seems like its been weeks. Probably because it has!


Probably won’t but I should

rainy dayDay 32 Project 365

Been awhile since I did more than a quick post from my phone. Though I am actually logged in tonight I am not quite in a place where I am ready to really write. I am recovering from feeling like death warmed over and still not myself. I am exhausted and emotionally feel like I have been ran over. I can’t quite explain that either. I mean I can, but, I probably won’t. I am stuck and feeling like I am going through motions. I know what I would like to do, but, I probably won’t. On that note I need to go back to some basics. Some things I know pull me out of this place. I need a new direction. I need ………to catch my breath!