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The Lies I Believe

I read a good word this morning!  Nahum 1:12 “From now on I’m taking the yoke from your neck and splitting it up for kindling.
I’m cutting you free from the ropes of your bondage.”

There are many lies I have come to believe in my life and thank God I have been set free from the things that threatened to destroy me. I have tasted the freedom that comes when God shines His truth on those lies and I can see clearly the situation, myself, or whatever it is, as He sees.  There are times though when, if I am not guarding my heart and my mind, when if I am not taking every thought captive, I can feel the fiery darts of self-doubt and lies attacking my mind.  It is in those moments, in that 10 second window, where I make a decision to stand my ground.  To make sure the enemy knows I have been set free. The yolk, the chains, the lies no longer have me in bondage.  It is not that I won’t face fears and the lies. They are going to come my way!  The truth is they have lost their power.  And I am set Free!


There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind!

Reading back through some of my writings….. just what I needed to hear!


Day 242 Project 365

There is nothing as powerful as a changed mind.

That is the title of my blog and the title of the message I listened to from TD Jakes this past Monday. (click on it for the service- stick with it and get to the message you won’t be sorry)

SO my blog today may be a little lengthy in that I want to share with you where I am but also my notes and thoughts on this message that, as I have listened to it over and over again, has started to change me on the inside. (my default settings)

My life is not unlike others.  I struggle with all the same things.  It hasn’t been easy but, who ever said it would be!  This past few years have been especially difficult and I have shared on many occasions on various things touching my life.  Even as I…

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WOW! I can not even believe how long it has been since I set down to write.  Has it really been since February 2013?  So much has happened. February 2013 found me taking care of my then 18 year old son who broke his arm in two above the elbow in a dune buggy accident.  That is where I remember life getting too crazy to write.  There would be no real way to share all the craziness of two years but, I am back!  I am now a grandmother of two amazing little ones.  Aubrey who is about to turn ONE and is my little princess.  Jeremiah is right behind her and will be one in April!  He is my little prince.  They have taught my heart a new level of love I never even knew existed. I have graduated Kody from high school and have ushered Brett into his Freshman year.  I have started a new career and with that made some incredible new friends.  I am in a better place then I have ever been.  SO many more exciting things I could tell you!  Too much to even try to recapture and explain!  So for tonight it will suffice to say- I step boldly into 2015 and look forward to getting back to my writing.

It feels like home!

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