Spring up with Gratitude


It has been a long cold winter.  Some how those days of freezing  temps and piles of dirty white stuff shoved up along the sides of the road had managed to change people.  Change me!  Winter is not always the easiest time of year.  We come off the holidays full of expectations and hustle and bustle. We spend time with people we may not have seen since the last holiday.  We set expectations or have them impressed upon us.  Then we move into the resolution part of the year. With cold and now and new year do’s and do not’s to accomplish goals we should have been striving for all year through, we walk into a new year hopefully optimistic or is it prepping for disappointment? Either way, the cold dogs days of winter have a tendency to zap us of our joy and gratitude attitude.  We lose sight. I lost sight.  I can easily get lost in the stuff of life that I forget the things I am grateful for. I forget that if I turn my sights off those things I start to see the dirty piles of snow instead of seeing the sun through the clouds.

This weekend I had a 3 day re group session.  Half way through I realized I could have used a 6 day and that is when it hit me.  Where I slipped back into old patterns is when I stopped seeing and being grateful for the small steps, the little things, and in some cases the big things.  They are there it is just sometimes we sell out to the easier to grumble then be grateful band wagon. I don’t think we plan to. I know I didn’t.  Yet here I am, there I was.

So with that! I grabbed out my gratitude journal.  I dusted of the Word.  That I sometimes pull out  but have not daily been partaking, to dust off the corners of my mind and re arrange the furniture of my heart.  To redirect and refresh and erase the statistic lines that were being written as yet another year threatened to beg for failed resolutions and expectations.  The proverbial white towel?  Just as I was about to throw it in I started to clean.  My heart, my mind, my house.  With each wipe I realized, this is where I win.  This is where I take the things that have always (see there I go), that used to distract me and not just pack them away put throw them away.

A new throw pillow here.  Lighter brighter painting here.  A little burst of color here and a little more there.

It is in the placement of those things for which I am grateful that I can change the color of my day.  The content of my mind will cause a change in the out put of my mouth resulting in a change in the out put of my life.  It is in the changing of my thoughts that I create a new day. For as I reminded myself this weekend, I am what I eat.  Figuratively and literally.  5 things of gratitude a day mean 5 positive things of attitude which means 5 more right choices, 5 more ah ha moments, 5 more memories, 5 more minutes of living a life that I was designed to life.

I got this.


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