Happy New Year. This year starts with no resolutions. I am going to keep my 2015 goals running as it would seem I missed the mark on just about all of them.  So this year is about living in the moment. The day. Setting manageable and obtainable goals for that day. Sprinkle in some short term goals and a few long term goals and off I go.

On a more reflective note- good grief why do I wait so long to blog? To get out and do something for me? To do those things that bring me joy and peace and renew my spirit and my faith? Totally rhetorical this morning as I just don’t know the why.  Maybe this year as I just take the day in manageable portions I will find it.  Maybe this year in taking the day as it comes I can regain my joy, my passion, my direction.  Maybe this year I can reconnect and recharge.

For today I am purging and cleaning.  Maybe a walk and a cup of tea. Maybe a drive to take in some sun and just go.





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