One small step … with Praise and Prayer


You know that moment when something happens or you have a conversation and you feel like… wait!  What just happened?

At times it is so hard to wrap my head around what someone says or does or feels.  At times it just does not make sense.  I am sure a time or two I have evoked that same sort of emotion.

What I am learning (or being reminded of) in all things praise and prayer and then step.

It is in every part of my day that I should praise for the things going right and for the storm, for in the storm I grow; pray for the things that are touching my life and the lives of those around me and then step in a series of small steps in the right direction, making the choice to take every thought captive and move with purpose & positivity. I may not know the next piece of the puzzle or what lies ahead but I can trust that in my praise the Lord delights and in my prayers HE hears me and in my steps He will direct my path.

So for today, I am so thankful and will rest in moments of worship and praise sprinkled throughout my day and I will pray at every thought of the things I need to release and need the Lord to be in control of and I will step taking the next right one.  For it is in a series of small simple things that everything comes together and the things I was designed to do are accomplished.

Trusting Him with my day, my loves, my hopes, my fears, my family, my friends, my highs and my lows.

1 Thess 5:18     Ps 146:1-2  Ps 22:3


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