The sweetest thing


This weekend we celebrated our anniversary.  At dinner we were talking about this crazy life of ours and the road we have traveled so far and what we hoped to do with what lies ahead.

In looking back and remembering, one thing has always been clear, we have had to do a lot of letting go.  A lot of trusting in Him with the events of our lives moment by moment.  Most of the time this was because when left to our own we dashed ahead, and not always in the same direction.

As we talked about anniversaries and years past it was reassuring to know that the same people that entered into this marriage are not the same two people sitting at this table right now.  The sweetest part of the evening wasn’t the Chocolate Crème brûlée but in sharing with each other the best part about our years together and where we are now.  It was in looking ahead to where we are going and the goals we have.  Here we are reminded to continue to let God order those steps.

Starting 2016 with that moment by moment trust.  In my marriage, in my walk, in my work.  Remembering that if I want to stay in HIM and walk the the path He has for me I most trust Him in the moments and not rush ahead with My goals.



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