Snow 2018

snow 18

Woke this morning to a frigid and winter mess.  We easily have over a foot of snow and in some places from drifting it is closer to 2-3 feet.  Crazy because in this area we just don’t get snow like this.  Our city is frozen in place.  For those that did brave it out there today unless they were in a 4×4 vehicle they were stuck.  We ventured out to rescue our grandson from his great grandmothers home when their power went out.  All in all my husband pulled 11 vehicles from their frozen snowy stuckness. Hot soup, cocoa and warm blankets has filled our afternoon.  Stepping into the new year with a coldness that cuts through to the bone.  They say tonight we will be in the single digits again with wind chill and temp around 10!  As for me I am headed back to the couch with a cuddly 3 1/2 year old, a cup of cocoa with extra marshmallows and a heaping of love.


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